Ocala Horse Properties - 2023 Summer Farm Portfolio

The team continues our work as a board member (Rob Desino is the Vice President of Horse Farms Forever), founders, active advocates, and spokespeople. We are proud of the actions we have taken to help solidify the future of Marion County’s horse farms. HFF MISSION Raise awareness to ensure that the character and culture of Ocala/Marion County is protected for future generations. Our Purpose is to be watchful of government actions pertaining to the character and culture that the horse industry and the Farmland Preservation Area make unique to Ocala/Marion County. Members of HFF include some of the top farm owners and equine related businesses in our region. Together we share the same vision to carry forward the tradition of preserving land, and thus the health of the horse industry. “We truly believe that horses, horse farms and the horse industry create the character and culture that makes Ocala/ Marion County unique and noteworthy. For there to be horses and an equine industry, there must be farmland available for horse farms. The Farmland Preservation Area in northwest Marion County serves that purpose, and thus it is precious and must be protected and preserved to sustain this sense of place.” Dear Rob, Chris & Matt, Im sitting here on my Veranda , on this amazing 75 degree day, looking out over the beautiful Horse pastures, and rolling hills dotted with Oaks. It’s the beginning of the Fall/Winter Season in Ocala, and I’m thinking how fortunate I am to live in such an amazing environment. I also reflected on the past year and how Ocala ,and it’s residents came so close to losing this Paradise to a Toll Road.....The Costal Connector. I know I have said Thank you a dozen times, but today I need to say it again. Thank you all for the extraordinary effort you put into stopping what would have have been the destruction of this Paradise. Thank you for the time, the energy and the fight you led to insure our beautiful County stayed in tact and not ripped apart by the Coastal Connector. Thank you for your countless trips to Tallahassee, Thank you for securing a Lobbyist to help fight for the landowners, and businesses. It is obvious to me that your passion for insuring our lifestyle in Ocala came from the heart. You led the charge because this is your home too. Every effort needs leadership and focus and you provided it in the charge to save our lifestyle. You stepped up to the plate to invest your time and effort and personal finances to ensure that all we love in Ocala stayed in tact. I don’t know if many realize how much you emotionally invested to save our way of life, but I do. Now, I’m heading over to my barn to throw a saddle on one of my horses and hack on down our beautiful roads. Gratefully, Pat West Stoney Point Farm WE’RE ACTIVELY ADVOCATING FOR OUR COMMUNITY By founding endeavors like Horse Farms Forever, we have helped the horse industry create more than 21,000 jobs in Marion County with an overall economic impact of $2.3 billion dollars. But beyond the financial gains, protecting our land has fostered over 80,000 horses in our region with all thoroughbreds represented and preserving our culture and the uniqueness that makes Ocala great! SUMMER SEASON 2023 | OCALA HORSE PROPERTIES 8 | OCALAHORSEPROPERTIES.COM To advertise Your Farm in this publication, please call (352) 615-8891