Ocala Horse Properties - 2023 Summer Farm Portfolio

FEATURED RESTAURANT Stella’s Modern Pantry 20 SW BROADWAY ST., OCALA (352) 622-3663 CAFE/COCKTAILS | $-$$ Fans of delicious brunches, boutique wines, and modern flavor combinations rejoice! Stella’s Modern Pantry is a European-style market, bakery and cafe where guests can shop for unique grocery items or linger over delicious treats and good conversation. Unique, bright, cozy, and fun, the menu is bursting with well-sourced, interesting flavors. Start with any one of six cheese and charcuterie boards, and grab any one of the uniquely sourced wines off the shelf. Feeling flatbread? The tried and true Tuscan Sausage with roasted peppers, balsamic onions and fontina never fails, or you can step out on a limb with Chorizo & Egg with arugula and heirloom tomatoes. The seasonal roasted vegetable sandwich delights vegetarians and omnivores alike, but only rookies skip the Jamon Serrano with machego, pesto and ciabatta. Wagyu Beef Carpaccio? Two words: Yes, please. Go in open-minded, but don’t leave empty-handed. Chef/Owner Albert Barrett’s extensive experience in pastry arts means the dessert case is second to none in North Central Florida. Ocala & Gainesville Dining Guide Whether you’re wanting a quick bite or you’re in it for the drive, here’s a guide of area restaurants to get your taste buds going. A ham by any other name... Would not be considered jamon serrano. The process of dry-curing jamon serrano is based on ancient traditions. Serrano means “of the Sierra” or “of the mountains” and the white pork meat is hung to dry. The curing process spans from winter to autumn, allowing the pork meat to experience all of the seasons naturally, which transforms the delicious meat into that smoky delicacy we all know and love. OCALA HORSE PROPERTIES | SUMMER SEASON 2023 OCALAHORSEPROPERTIES.COM | 123