Ocala Horse Properties - 2023 Summer Farm Portfolio

OCALA HORSE PROPERTIES | SUMMER SEASON 2023 OCALAHORSEPROPERTIES.COM | 111 A FEATURE IN BLOODHORSE MAGAZINE focused on supply and demand in the “sizzling” farmreal estatemarket in Florida. BrokerMatt Varney discussed the effect of higher interest rates on themarket, offering a reassuring comment that even though rates are higher in 2023 than they were a couple of years ago, they are still reasonable in a historical context. He noted that one of the biggest challenges currently is that there aremore people looking for properties to buy than there are properties available. In the article, Varney also emphasized the growth seen inCentral Florida, commenting, “Ocala is growing and continues to grow in two interesting areas.We have a thriving local economy and local jobmarket and extensive growth in the equestrianworld.We are extremely unique when you look at those two variables.” He also discussed the positive impact of theWorld Equestrian Center on the Ocala area, noting that it has drawn both amateurs and top professionals to the area, and noted that people are tending to view real estate purchases inOcala as long-term investments thanks to the area becoming a sustainable community with good prospects for the future. “I’m proud to live in an area where responsible and exciting growth remains consistent, no matter market conditions,” he said. While theWall Street Journal paintedWellington andOcala as rivalries in equestrian real estate, OcalaHorse Properties and Wellington Equestrian Real Estate see both communities as having their own strengths and value. Owner-broker Chris Desino said, “Wellington and Ocala are the only two horse markets, if you’re serious about buying a farm in the Southeast United States. Before they built the World Equestrian Center in Ocala, people either moved to Wellington or Ocala and there was no middle ground. Ocala was more affordable and low-key, while Wellington had the Palm Beach scene, so quite a few As the premier equestrian real estate brokerages in both Wellington and Ocala, Florida it is no surprise that Ocala Horse Properties and Wellington Equestrian Realty have been making headlines recently. We are honored that our brokers were interviewed for both The Wall Street Journal and Bloodhorse magazine about the Florida equestrian real estate market. BY AMBER HEINTZBERGER “Ocala is growing and continues to grow in two interesting areas. We have a thriving local economy and local jobmarket and extensive growth in the equestrianworld. We are extremely unique when you look at those two variables.” people fromWellington bought secondary farms in Ocala just to have a weekend place to get away. But these days, people are moving to Ocala year-round.” “If you’re looking formore acreage andworld-class soil, Ocala is the place to be,” saysMatt Varney, who is the top sellingMarionCounty Agent, withOcalaHorse Properties. “InOcala we havemore people looking for year-round living.Wellington is a beautiful area with an incredible show experience but likemany places in Florida, it lends itself to more seasonal living.” Desino told theWall Street Journal that he recently sold a 29-acre farm inOcala for $4.1million, a 43% increase over what it sold for in 2020.The article states, “InWellington, raw land goes formuchmore, about $2million and up depending on how close it is to the show venue. While inOcala we are just starting to see the growth around theWorld Equestrian Center. Land has historically been undervalued inOcala and we are seeing that change quickly.” Putting Ocala on the Map